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Mira Gjura is the proud owner of Neponset Tailoring & Dry Cleaning servicing clients in the Greater Boston area. She is a second generation tailor who first noticed the art of tailoring when she was a little girl watching her Mother and Aunt making and altering beautiful women’s clothing. She later finished her bachelor degree in Economics but her main passion for sewing and fashion followed her every footstep. In 1995 she opened Neponset Tailoring & Dry Cleaning and made it bloom in to a well-known shop in the community.

Mira is committed to providing a personalized experience that is tailored specifically for you. She listens to her clients and their satisfaction is always her number one priority. Mira has mastered every kind of alteration and works with every type of fabric including leather. Some of her specialties include altering wedding dresses, wedding party attire and Irish dance costumes. She takes pride in providing high quality tailoring services and making every Man and Woman that walks in her shop look their best in their tailored garments.



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  • 2 years ago by

    Congratulations to all girls participants to the OIREACHTAS competition fall 2021.
    My job helping them to reach also the Nationals.
    Thank You for your Business.
    Neponset Tailoring is proud of You.
    2 years ago Jen Byrne 1
    We appreciate your hard work, thank you!
    2 years ago Janet Hayes 2
    Beautiful dresses! You’re the best Mira!
    2 years ago Fatma Qazolli-Llagami 1
    Lovely job
    2 years ago Lauren Minahan 1
    Thank you!!!
    2 years ago Robert Bankowski 3
    I been bringing my clothes to Mira for 31 years since a teenager backed when you was located on the corner of Dorchester Ave / Mellive Ave
    1 year ago Anne Detweiler
    Beautiful! You all do such good work and I love your business. Please update hours open. Facebook/website say you are open until 6:00!! Thank you!!
  • 2 years ago by

    Job well done for wedding gown dress Congrats. Paige
  • 3 years ago by

    2019 has been wonderful year , meeting wonderful people which every one appreciates my work done with passion and tiredness. Thank you so much I will continue doing better next year .
    I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020
    3 years ago Neponset Tailoring & Drycleaning 3
    My Inspiration Christmas Tree
    3 years ago Caitlin Haggan
    You’re amazing Mira!! Thank you for all you do! Merry Christmas and Happy Happy New Year
    3 years ago Janet Hayes 1
    You’re the best MIRA!
    3 years ago Eileen Lee 1
    No one does work like you Mira 😘
    3 years ago Kathleen DiManno 1
    Merry Christmas!
    3 years ago Kathy O'Connor 1
    Merry Christmas
  • 3 years ago by

    Fall 2019 Dresses
    3 years ago Oljana Gjura 1
    Beautiful Work Neponset Tailoring & Drycleaning!!!



This is one of the best local businesses I have ever used. Not only is Mira amazingly talented but she is so kind and helpful. She will make you feel beautiful and tailor your clothing perfectly. She even saved me in a last minute tailoring emergency. Could not recommend enough. You will be very pleased.

Renee Oinonen

Regular customer

I love Mira!!! She is such a blessing and her work is impeccable!!! I HIGHLY recommend Neponset Tailoring & Drycleaning!!!

Kimberly A. Houston Lucas

Regular customer



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MA 02122
Phone number (617) 288-0556
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